May 18, 2006.

     We said our final goodbye's to Ezzi. She lived a short life but sweet life till the end. The last 2 weeks she rapidly declined due to cancer or tumor in her left lung. [We found out afterwards, it was a tumor on her heart.] She just wanted to live but the pain was to much for Kristi and I to bear. At 1 PM today at our Vet's office we said goodbye. Her hands, feet, tail and lips were blue, She was unable to sustain her self with out oxygen support. Today even that was not enough. With the advise of our vet, we had her laid to sleep to stop the pain. She was no longer able to move or hold on to our shoulder to rest with us. This is the most painfully decision I have had to make. Ezzi just wanted to be with us and we killed her. Both Kristi and myself agree that life in a bubble in her condition was no longer life. It was a drawn out painful death. We could not do anything else to save her. That was just not fair.
Our Swwet Baby
Our timid explorer      Ezzi was the sweetest little girl. She never did bite or any thing to any one. Not even when the vet was poking and proding with needles for check ups. She loved her home very much. Of all the various cage items we got for her, it was the simple tissue box and tissues she loved the most. She was a bright and smiling face to greet us each and every night we came home from work. She just wanted to be with us. Our little shirt diver. She would climb up and dive in. Just to sit on our should to be watch tv, games or books with us. She always kept her self so clean and tiddy. It was only one time when she was a little ratlet that she even had an accident with us. We learned to keep a little box with us after that. When it was time, she got up ran to it. She would clean up and come running back. She didnt want to miss a minute if possible.

Goodbye Ezzi,
We love you so much!
Kristi and Charles

Ezzi is survived by her sister Nina and our 2 newest additions to the family, Cindy and Oreo. Our images of our girls can be found here.
Ezzi and Nina